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This large plastic box is the ideal Christmas tree storage box designed to hold artificial trees of up to 6 feet. It will also hold other holiday decor or non-decor items like sporting goods, tools, clothing, and other items.

Clear Plastic Storage Bin with Wheels
Price: $78.00 here at Amazon.com. (Update: Currently Sold Out!)
Holds trees up to 8 ft, in 4-ft sections

Desirable aspects of this box:

  • Wheels
  • Clear container
  • High-quality manufacturer
  • Durable

The handle and wheels on this container help move the contents easily once they are secured in the box. It is manufactured by Iris USA, which has an excellent reputation for making high-quality storage solutions. The inside of this bin measures 12 inches high by 52.3 inches wide by 20.31 inches deep by 14.3 inches high. It is made in the USA and has received high reviews from customers who have purchased this item.

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